The American Box is getting a makeover!

Check back soon for more details. 


1. Sign Up!

You can choose from four different plans. 

Month-to-month subscriptions or pre-pay 3, 6, or 12 months plans. 

2. Get Excited

Great things are on their way. You'll receive 5+ items in each box, seasonal decor, the foods you love and miss, and other great treats. 

3. Happy Mail

Unbox your thoughtfully curated care package and enjoy the seasonal goodies. A great gift to send too. 

Get the very next box

Subscribe now and your subscription will start with the March Box! We only have two left and then we are SOLD OUT. 

The March box closes for orders on Feb 25th, and will ship out on or around March 4th 2021. 

We think in 2021 we all deserve some time to feel like we’re on Spring Break. Get ready for a box of fun and treats, even if the fun is going to be in your own living room. We can dream!

We also now ship to Europe! 

Past boxes:

November 2020: Cozy Thanksgiving

December 2020: A Holiday At Home

January 2021: Snow Day

February 2021: I've Got Those Red, White and Blues Box

March 2021: Spring Break


How often will I get this box?

Once a month, and it should arrive around the 6th or 7th of the month (with the exception of July 4th obviously)

Do I need to be American to get this box? 

The American Box is for everyone. If you're American it will be like a hug from home each month. If you're not American you'll get to experience a real American seasonal feeling with each box. You'll love it. 

What's in the box?

There will always be 5+ items in each box. It will be a mix of seasonal American food, treats, lifestyle items, seasonal decor, and other surprises. 

My Thanksgiving box was awesome. I love living in London but I really appreciate a piece of home each month. 

Aaron S

This is fantastic. I miss so much from home, and it's so expensive for my family to send packages. This is amazing.  I loved my first box. 

Gail G

I have been so homesick, this was such a treat to receive in the mail. Thank you!!

Georgia M