It's all about the hometown feeling

A little about us, our founders, how it works and an exciting idea!

The American Box Idea

Hi, we're Sandra and Rob. Sandra is American  and Rob is British. We've been expats all over the world together, got engaged in one country, married in another, and lived and worked around the globe. We have loved our adventures, but have experienced missing the feeling of home more times than we can count. 

Having now put down our roots here in the UK, we both find that there are loads of things we miss about America. Sandra especially misses a certain feeling that can't really be explained, about what memories and traditions each month and season  usually creates. And as wonderful as it is to get care packages from home, or buy the occasional American treat here, it just wasn't filling that homesickness and it was seriously pricey. So we decided to create a box, an experience, that really captures that feeling of American life while living here in the UK. This box is for everyone, Americans who really want that taste and feeling of home, or those who just love American things. We hope you truly love the box each month. 

Every month we curate and send out a themed box that we think captures the feeling and items that evoke that sense of home. We hope you really enjoy it!